Interrupt participation and continue later

Long and extensive surveys can lead the participants to leave the questionnaire before having completed it, as e.g. they do not have the time to continue.

To avoid having incomplete answer sheets due to this reason, there is the possibility to resume a participation afterwards. While responding to the questionnaire the participants can read off their individual resume code in the top right hand corner of the screen. This can be used for the continuation of the participation later on.

Resume code I


The code can be entered in the open text field right above the questionnaire when opening the survey link again.

Resume code II


After pressing the arrow button the participant will be forwarded directly to the page he/she left the questionnaire before. E.g. therewith your participants can start answering the questionnaire at work and finish it at home later.

Hint: In the case you are using our internal email distribution respectively individual survey links or TANs, the before mentioned procedure is not necessary. As each participant has his own personal link or password, the system automatically recognises each respondent anyway.