How do you count “answers”?

Some products of have a limit* of answers that can be evaluated.

With our free survey solution “Basic” for example, you can evaluate a maximum of 350 answers. Each response given by a survey participant counts as an answer.

Thus, questions with multiple choices can count several answers.

Example: The following figure counts 3 answers.













* Even if the maximum number of answers of your account was reached, we’ll not stop to store new responses from new participants. We’ll only stop to display them in the evaluation. You’re then free to decide whether you wan’t to do an upgrade or not.

At what time does the duration of my survey begin to count?

The duration of your survey starts to count from the moment you activate it, earliest though from the moment we get your payment (in case of paid surveys).

This means you can take as much time as you need to carry out your questionnaire. We only start to count the duration from the time you start/activate your survey.

Approximately three days before closing time of your survey you’ll get an e-mail notification reminding you of that. You than have enough time to decide whether you want to upgrade/extend your survey or let it close normally. If latter, be aware that you won’t be able anymore to access your results after the closing of your questionnaire. Please evaluate your answers before closing and/or download your data as Excel or CSV.

Why aren’t all survey responses displayed?

In the survey evaluation you can see that you collected e.g. 900 answers but only can see the first 350? The reason is most probably that you exceeded the maximum amount of allowed answers you can have displayed with the chosen product (a similar notice should be displayed in your evaluation).

Please don’t worry! Even if you exceeded the maximum amount of answers of your product, we’ll continue to save new answers from your participants. It’s now up to you whether you decide to do an upgrade or not, in order to see all answers.

When do I have to pay for my survey and how can I do that?

First of all: You only pay if you want so!

All products (except the free version) on demand upfront payment. You can decide yourself if and when you want to pay for our services. We’ll never send you an invoice or the like, which must be paid.

The upfront payment can be done either by credit card (PayPal) or by bank payment. Right after we have received your payment your survey/account will be unlocked for the services you bought (you’ll get an e-mail notification as soon as this occurs).

Payments by credit cards are the fastest way to upgrade your survey/account since it occurs immediately. Upgrades through bank payments though can take up to three working days until we can unlock your survey/account, depending on your banks location.