eSurveyCreator is now SurveyHero

Up until now, we have been running two separate online survey platforms, namely eSurveyCreator and SurveyHero. Today we are excited to announce that we have merged eSurveyCreator into SurveyHero ( This will allow us to strengthen our brand and to prevent confusion. The brand SurveyHero is not only shorter, but we do believe it is … Continue reading eSurveyCreator is now SurveyHero

Can I integrate hyperlinks into the questionnaire?

There are the following options to add hyperlinks to a survey: Link words / sentences To do so, you simply have to enclose the respective text with the below mentioned code: [url=]text[/url] Let’s assume you have the sentence “To get more information, please click here” in your questionnaire and the participants should be redirected to … Continue reading Can I integrate hyperlinks into the questionnaire?

Embed videos in a survey

You can easily embed videos from,, etc. in a survey. 1. Just visit the respective site, whereon the video is available. Depending on the provider, you find the option “Share” or “Embed”. Please see an example below from YouTube:     Beneath the video in “Share > Embed” you will find the so … Continue reading Embed videos in a survey

Import survey results into SPSS

You can also evaluate your results in IBM SPSS Statistics. Here is a step-by-step instruction how the survey results can be imported into SPSS. 1. Download the results as a CSV-file.   Important note: Possibly the CSV-file will be automatically started in Excel (or the like) after downloading it. It is essential, that the file … Continue reading Import survey results into SPSS

How can I publish my survey?

There are several ways to publish a survey: Send survey by email The most common way is to contact the potential respondents by email. By activating the survey you will receive a survey link, which can be distributed arbitrarily. You could also use our internal “Email distribution” with your own sender address. Publish the survey … Continue reading How can I publish my survey?

How data security is guaranteed?

Data protection is a central topic for and is treated with high priority. What we do The platform undergoes regular security checks and is developed continously to dare possible threats from the web. All our sites are only accessible on secure connections (256-Bit SSL / https) for both the participants and the administrators. The server … Continue reading How data security is guaranteed?

Reopen a completed answer sheet

Participants, who receive an individual survey link, e.g. by being contacted through our internal email distribution service, can only participate once in a survey (unless the settings will be changed accordingly). Once a respondent has completed the questionnaire, changes can not be made anymore. In the case a participant still wants to adjust his/her answer … Continue reading Reopen a completed answer sheet

Change / complement responses of participants subsequently

In “Evaluation > Show/modify/delete answer sheets” you can change the answers of your participants. Just click on “edit” at the respective participant.   Thereby the already filled in questionnaire of the participant will be opened and you can leaf through it to make to respective changes.

View sent invitation emails

When you have sent the invitation emails via our email distribution tool, you are able to view the actually sent message per recipient. In “Email distribution > Enter recipients” you see, how many times each email address has been contacted so far. By clicking on the respective number (1x, 2x, etc.) in the column “Sent”, … Continue reading View sent invitation emails

Change default values for the export of the survey results

In “Evaluation > Change default values” you have to possibility to define individual values for all closed responding possibilities. The newly defined values replace the default values of They will appear in the Excel-/CSV-export. In the above mentioned example the value “1” is assigned to the answer “yes” and the value “0” to the responding … Continue reading Change default values for the export of the survey results

Can I format text?

You can format text in your questionnaire as follows: Bold Enclose the content that should be bold with <b> and </b>. Example: This sentence should be bold from <b>here to here</b>. Becomes: This sentence should be bold from here to here. Italic Enclose the content that should be italic with <i> and </i>. Example: This … Continue reading Can I format text?

Define display conditions on the basis of dynamic contents or URL parameters

In addition to the logical workflows and to the display conditions based on participant responses it is also possible to define advanced display conditions (“Advanced settings” in the respective display condition). Display conditions according to dynamic contents If you use dynamic contents for your survey, you can utilise them as basis for display conditions. E.g.: … Continue reading Define display conditions on the basis of dynamic contents or URL parameters

Create multilingual surveys

If you want to conduct a survey in various languages you do not have to create a survey for each language separately. An existing questionnaire can be translated into different languages. Procedure First you should completely build the questionnaire in one language (template). You better not start with the translation until the main questionnaire has not been … Continue reading Create multilingual surveys

Can a survey be conducted anonymously?

Yes, it is possible to conduct anonymous surveys and not being able to match collected results to individuals. This can be defined in the “settings” of the respective survey. When using our  automatic “email distribution” respectively “participant-IDs / TANs”, collected results are automatically linked to the respective email address or TAN of the participant. By enabling the … Continue reading Can a survey be conducted anonymously?

Define logical workflows (skip logic)

According to the principle of “Don’t make me think” a questionnaire should be as simple and easy as possible. Not only will your participants benefit from a well-structured survey: Response rate might increase and that is great for you too. The use of logical workflows (skip logic) avoids that participants need to answer irrelevant questions. E.g. … Continue reading Define logical workflows (skip logic)

Create individual survey links

When conducting a targeted survey, like a customer satisfaction survey, potential participants will be contacted individually. To be able to track those participants without asking for personal details in the questionnaire, survey links can be individualised. Hint: By doing the email distribution directly with, the survey links will be automatically individualised. Thereby they do not … Continue reading Create individual survey links

How do you count “answers”?

Some products of have a limit* of answers that can be evaluated. With our free survey solution “Basic” for example, you can evaluate a maximum of 350 answers. Each response given by a survey participant counts as an answer. Thus, questions with multiple choices can count several answers. Example: The following figure counts 3 … Continue reading How do you count “answers”?

Split the participants into groups and evaluate the answers group-specificly

Sometimes you want to group the participants of your survey or you need to know, where all the different answers came from. Should you distribute your survey link e.g. by e-mail, with posts in blogs and forums as well as by regular mail, it may be interesting to analyse the responses of those groups (e-mail, web, regular … Continue reading Split the participants into groups and evaluate the answers group-specificly