How data security is guaranteed?

Data protection is a central topic for and is treated with high priority.

What we do

The platform undergoes regular security checks and is developed continously to dare possible threats from the web. All our sites are only accessible on secure connections (256-Bit SSL / https) for both the participants and the administrators. The server of eSurveyCreator is hosted and serviced by a professional third company. Thereby a high degree of security is guaranteed as well. Our regular backup copies are stored at from the internet unaccessible locations.

The collected customer data is generally only available for the customer himself. This data can also be reviewed by system administrators of enuvo LLC – the operator of eSurveyCreator. But we emphasise, as already mentioned in our GTCs and data protection guidelines, that the customer data is not diverted from its intended use and /or is passed on to third parties. We take the data protection seriously and that will not change.

What you can do

The collected data remains on our platform as long as you want. In other words a closed survey can be extended anytime to get access to the survey results again. In the case you want to remove the data irrevocably, you can simply delete the survey in the user menu.

We have never made any negative experiences in regard of our data protection and we have never been informed about any data leaks in our system. Whereof it is assumed that they do not exist.